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Artichoke Pizza - West Village

89/100 Will rock your face!

I never thought the best slice of pizza in New York would lack a seemingly necessary component. There are zero tomatoes to be found in Artichoke Pizza’s flagship, well, artichoke pizza. Do not waltz into AP and get a slice of pepperoni. This is the truest sign of amateur work! Order that green slimy mess of a pizza confidently and sink into one of their quaint seating nooks for some of the most serious chow you have ever experienced. Do not fold the pizza either, artichoke pizza’s creamy silken topping will fall right off and make the other pizza craving zombies around you aware of your inexperiance. The Flavor is rich and creamy, like a mix of pesto, alfredo and ghee. The crust is dense and chewy in all the right ways. This slice overwhelms the competition like a fight between a dragon and a dandelion. It is unfair! 

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